What Is Cross Docking in Logistics

What Is Cross Docking?

When it comes to shipping products and fulfilling orders for your business, you’re likely to come across a variety of industry-specific terms that might not make much sense to you yet. A common term used in logistics is cross-docking. But what is cross docking in supply chain management and why is it something you should know about?

At Stork Logistical, we are proud to be a full-service 3PL logistical solutions company. We offer a wide range of services to help make your life easier and optimize your supply chain. We save you money and help keep your customers satisfied by providing expedient shipping solutions. Cross-docking services are just one of the services we offer. In this article, we will outline what you need to know about cross docking and learn how utilizing this service can help make your supply chain more efficient.

What Is Cross Docking in Logistics?

When it comes to logistics, cross-docking allows your products to stay on the move removing the need for short-term warehousing or long-term warehousing solutions. Cross docking is the process of moving a product from one location, such as a railroad car or shipping container, directly onto an outbound truck or other railcar, simplifying the product’s journey to its destination.

Cross docking allows for your products to stay moving while also making it easier to consolidate shipments, saving time and making the process cheaper too. Many businesses can benefit from cross-docking services as it lessens the amount of time products must be stored in a warehouse. This keeps your costs low while keeping customers happy with faster delivery times. Cross-docking can be done from a main warehouse or can take place directly from one mode of transportation to the next.

What is A Cross Dock Warehouse?

A cross-docking warehouse is not made to store products for the long term. Instead, products are managed and stored to be easily movable to a form of transportation. In a cross-docking warehouse, you may see shipments consolidated to ensure products move quickly. This is done by having different products that are going in the same direction being put together and then sent on their way, quickly. In many cases, cross-docking warehouses are also the manufacturer plant taking a product from newly manufactured to its destination quickly. 

How Can I Utilize Cross Docking in My Business?

If you are looking to cut down on warehousing while improving your shipping speed, cross-docking might be a great solution for you. By choosing an experienced logistical solutions partner or 3PL company, you can benefit from cross-docking without having to take care of any of the complicated processes involved in cross-docking.

Some larger companies may be able to implement cross-docking if they already have the infrastructure available to do so. If you are a smaller company or do not have a warehouse, a full-service logistical supply chain partner is your best bet. By using a 3PL partner you can expedite your shipping process and eliminate the need for your own warehouse. Contact the experts at Stork Logistical for more information on cross-docking services and other ways to make your supply chain logistics easier. 

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