One of the most challenging aspects of supplying a product to your customers is knowing where to warehouse your inventory while you accept and fulfill orders.

There is a lot to consider when choosing an appropriate warehousing solution for your inventory needs. Safety and security are always of the utmost importance, but it makes life easier to find a warehousing provider who can also fulfill all aspects of your logistical chain.

At Stork Logistical Solutions, we take the headache out of finding adequate warehousing for your inventory. We provide warehousing solutions for a wide range of products from retail and technology to healthcare and food. We are able to provide warehousing solutions for high-value goods and offer safety and surveillance that you can feel great bout.

Choose Stork Logistical Solutions for our extensive services including:

Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Distribution & Fulfillment

You need more than just your products stored in a warehouse. That’s why we take care of your distribution and fulfillment needs too. Take advantage of the convenience of having all your logistical needs taken care of in one place.

Long-Term Storage

When you need something stored for a little – or a lot longer, we’ve got that covered. We offer flexible warehouse storage options for your long-term storage needs.

LTL Less Than a Truck Load

Have items going to different places? We can accommodate that with our hands-off logistical services including the deconsolidation of shipments. If it’s time to ship your products, but you don’t have enough to fill a truck, don’t worry. We offer LTL consolidation services to save you fees from having a shipment that doesn’t fill a truckload.

Short-Term Storage

When your products need to be sent to a multitude of destinations, you will sometimes need short-term storage solutions as you await order fulfilment. At Stork Logistical we aim to make your life easier and your costs lower by offering hands-off warehousing and logistical solutions for your business.

Cross Docking

Get your products to their destination more efficiently with safe, cost-effective cross docking solutions from Stork Logistical Solutions.