Retail Warehousing in vaughan ontario

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Retail Logistics Management

At Stork Logistical we are committed to providing your business with personalized services that uniquely suit its needs. We offer hands-off logistical services from warehousing to trucking and ocean freight services for a wide range of industries including the food industry. We understand that the supply chain for the food industry comes with unique needs and we are here to be your optimizing partner from end to end.

When you choose Stork Logistical as your trusted optimizing partner for your supply chain you can anticipate expedient and reliable end-to-end cross docking services across North America and through our global partners. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals by maximizing efficiencies and saving you money. We are the experts you want for your domestic and international warehousing and shipping needs.

Retail Logistics FAQ

Do You Offer Reefer Services?

When it comes to food, safety and quality is always a top concern. We understand the logistical challenges that can come with shipping or storing frozen or refrigerated products. We offer reefer truck services for shipping of food items that need to be kept at a specific temperature.

Do You Offer Short-Term Storage?

When it comes to dry goods or shelf-stable products, you might wish to have storage options available while you await order fulfillment. We are pleased to offer both short-term storage solutions and long-term storage solutions as part of our warehousing services. Our warehouse is safe and secure offering your peace of mind as you store your products.

Do You Ship Internationally?

At Stork Logistical we work with global partners to provide international shipping solutions that suit your budget and deadlines. We offer a variety of air freight and ocean freight shipping solutions as well as trucking services to take your products from their starting point to their destination. We offer hands-off services for every step of the way.

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