Freight Forwarding Company in vaughan ontario

We are your optimizing partner for all stages of your supply chain.

Freight Forwarding Services

When you operate a product-based business, managing your supply chain can be one of the most challenging operational aspects of the business. When it comes to getting your products from the manufacturer to the doorstep of your customer, a lot of pieces of a puzzle have to come together. Without the right connections, this process can be costly to you and in turn your customer.

At Stork Logistical, we are committed to being your optimizing partner for all stages of your supply chain. We always provide you with expedient and reliable end-to-end shipping services throughout North America and through our global partners. We would be pleased to assist you with freight forwarding services and are always here to help you get your products to their destination more efficiently.

Warehousing & Logistics FAQ

Can You Ship Directly to My Customers?

We offer short and long-term storage options that allow you to warehouse your items as they await shipment to your customers. We take care of every aspect and offer you hands-off logistical solutions. We would be pleased to assist you with shipping your products directly to your customers from our warehouse.

Do You Offer Rush Services?

When you need to move product fast, we can help. Our drivers are always ready to assist with rush-services including same-day delivery. If you are located within the GTA we can help. Contact us today to discuss your rush freight forwarding and shipping services.

Do You Offer LTL Services?

When you need freight forwarding services but have less than a container load shipment, we can help. We offer LTL shipping services to help you keep your costs low and your shipping times short. We work with our global partner alliances to help you ship your products in the most cost-effective way possible. Contact us today to discuss your business’s unique needs, we are your go-to when looking for freight forwarding companies “near me.”

Get in touch with us and let us take the headache out of your logistical supply chain.​