LTL Less Than a Truckload Warehouse in vaughan ontario

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LTL Logistics Facility

One of the largest challenges small to medium businesses face is not having enough products to fill a truckload when it’s time to ship. This can sometimes mean needing to absorb steep costs for shipping. At Stork Logistical we are committed to providing you with warehousing and shipping solutions that make your life easier and keep your costs low. We know that you won’t always have a full truckload to ship and that is why we offer hands-off LTL consolidation and deconsolidation services.

Contact Stork Logistical today and to discuss your warehousing and LTL consolidation or deconsolidation needs. We always go above and beyond to ensure your expectations are exceeded. From long term storage solutions to cross-docking and trucking services, we are the optimizing partner you need to help you manage your logistical and warehousing needs.


Warehousing & Logistics FAQ

What is LTL Consolidation?

From time to time, you may find that you require shipping of your product but don’t have enough product to fill a truck. When this happens, we offer LTL consolidation services to save you from facing fees for having less than a truckload. LTL consolidation means we consolidate your products with products from other vendors that allow you to save money and not waste time waiting for a truckload worth of product.

What is LTL Deconsolidation?

If you have a truckload of products that now needs to go to a few different locations, LTL deconsolidation can save you time and money. We offer hands-off LTL deconsolidation. This means that we take care of ensuring your products get where they need to go after arriving at our warehousing facility.

Do Provide Trucking Services In-House?

We want to get your products to your customers quickly and safely. We only partner with drivers with proven track records of safety. Experience and excellence is an asset to us and our drivers are more than qualified to ensure that your goods get where they need to go.

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